Attention SS Beneficiaries, the office of Social Security Administration has extended the deadline of the surveys to May 15, 2018 and is requesting all beneficiaries to complete your surveys and turn them in before deadline to avoid the risk of putting your benefits on HOLD. For overseas beneficiaries, make sure to sign and notarize your surveys before sending them. Please click here to see the list of beneficiaries who have not submitted their 2018 annual survey.


    The office of Social Security Administration would like to notify the public that the implementation of RPPL 10-8 and RPPL 10-12 took effect on October 1, 2017. For details of these laws, please click here.



    The National Healthcare Financing Governing Committee of "Committee" would like to notify the public of the proposed amendments to National Healthcare Financing Act NHCFA Regulations aka HCF Regulations. Click here for details.



    Social Security Administration wishes to inform all Social Security Beneficiaries that beginning June 01, 2016 and every 1st of the month thereafter, the $50 Supplemental Benefit will go directly into your bank account instead of your mail box if you already have direct deposit of your benefit of ACH. Click here for more details.

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SS Contributions

How can I become a member of SS Plan? All employees working in Palau including those who are working for a corporation and/or government agencies domiciled in Palau are required to contribute to SS Plan under the lasw "41 PNC". Self-employed or unemployed does have option to contribute to the Plan either by law and/or voluntary contribution.

Learn more about your contributions to the Social Security Plan.

SS Benefits

What types of benefits will I receive in the future?  You will receive SS benefits when you reach retirement age; a surviving spouse benefit if your spouse died; a dependent child benefit if any of your children is under 18 years of age and in school and you may claim an early benefit if you become severely ill and no longer able to work under "Disability Insurance Benefit".

Learn more about your benefits from the Social Security Plan.

Celebrating HCF's 5th Anniversary

The National HealthCare Fund or HCF celebrated its 5th year anniversary this April 2016. HCF aims to provide an excellence in the delivery of universal health insurance to the people of Palau.

Learn more about the history of HCF and benefits of National Health Insurance "NHI" and Medical Savings Account "MSA" including government subsidy members.

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