Public Announcements


The Office of the Social Security Administration wishes to inform the public that new office hours will effective on Monday, May 11, 2020.

SS Office in Ngesekes, Koror State                                8am - 3pm
HCF Office in Ngarachemayong Cultural Center       8am - 3pm

We thank you for you understanding and support.


The pubic is hereby informed that effective immediately, all overseas referral care under NHI will be limited to cases assessed as life threatening by licensed physician and approved by the Medical Referral Committee. All other referral cases considered "not-urgent" by clinical physician and the HCF UR shall remain on hold until further notice. Click here for more information.


The public is hereby inform that due to ROP Preparedness for Novel Coronavirus, the HCF
Office is relocating to a temporary office located at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center,
Ngarachemayong Room, 1st door on your left at the building entrance. The office will be in
normal operations by Monday, February 10. All the communications are being set up at the new
location. The office contact numbers are the same: 488-1904 and 488-4020. We ask all our
visitors to please park at the parking lot when you visit our office, and, please avoid spitting
around the premises and on to the plants. We are indeed fortunate to have the use of this
building at such a short notice
We also wish to share with our patients traveling to Taiwan of the following situation regarding
Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Taiwan as at February 3, 2020:

  1.  There are 10 confirmed cases and 1,066 suspected cases (900 cases showed negative PCR test and the rest still pending results;
  2. 476 Taiwanese are stranded in Hubei and charter flight are bringing them home to Taiwan, but first to designated location at several sites within Taiwan to be quarantined for 14 days;
  3.  Surgical Mask Regulations:

a. It is recommended that all passengers traveling to Taiwan should wear     mask during traveling;
b. It is a requirement to wear a mask upon arrival at the Taiwan airport;
c. We asked that you bring enough masks with you to last your stay in             Taiwan as you may face some challenges in sourcing your mask there;
d. People can only purchase 2 surgical masks in one week and you have         to show Taiwan NHI Insurance Card and ID for purchase;
e. Foreigners who do not have Taiwan NHI Card or ID may not be able to     purchase the surgical masks;
f. All the hospitals require everyone to wear mask to enter;
g. It is recommended that you change your mask every 6-8 hours in the         hospital
h. There are 6 patients from Palau who are at Taiwan hospitals as of date;     and
i. Four (4) will be departing on February 5, 2020.

Based on the above situation of Novel Coronavirus and continued spreading to other countries,
we urge all patients and visitors to Taiwan to heed the advisory of His Excellency Tommy E.
Remengesau Jr. and cease any traveling until such time the Coronavirus is well contained.

Click here to view the copy of this Public Announcement.


This is to inform all beneficiaries of Social Security that the 2020 Annual Survey Form has been mailed out to beneficiaries whose last names begin from A to M on November 14, 2019. You are required to complete your survey form and submit it to Social Security Office on or before January 15, 2020. Annual Surveys for beneficiaries whose last names begin from N to Z, will be mailed out to them on March 14, 2020 and are due at Social Security Office on or before May 15, 2020.

This Annual Survey Form provides all  beneficiaries the opportunity to update their information such as addresses, phone numbers, marital status, and other important information needed to continue Social Security Benefits. As such, Social Security Administration will put benefits on hold if you do not comply with this requirement. Your benefit shall resume should you complete the Annual Survey Form.

If you have not received your survey form via mail, you can visit our Forms page under Downloaded Documents and download a copy.


The Social Security Administration would like to inform the Public that effective December 1st, 2019, all existing businesses and or/new businesses are required to come in to Social Security Office on December 1 through December 31, 2019 to renew its business Employer Identification Number (EIN) prior to renewal of National Business License at the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation. Click here to learn more details of this announcement.


On May 07, 2019, the Republic of Palau. Social Security Administration and the Palau Small Business Development Center signed into agreement a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ending December 30, 2019 to collaborate in providing free workshops to the public specifically businesses and/or employers in relations to Social Security and Health Care Fund tax reporting.

The first workshop took place on May 16, 2019 at Kedarm Conference Room at the PICRC located in Koror, Palau. The workshop focused on how to assess and report contributions by self-employed or businesses without employees, businesses with employees, and retirees who own businesses.

The ROP Social Security Administration and Palau SBDC plan to continue to provide workshops at least once a year to all businesses and/or employers. All workshops announcements happen at least a week prior to each event so that all interested businesses and/or employers will have the time to register and prepare themselves to attend workshops.


The temporary Social Security Administration Office is located Ngesekes, Koror State. It is situated across the office of Palau Community Action Agency (PCAA). The office will be conducting the services at this new temporary location until the new "One Stop Shop" is completed for relocating back to previous site in central Koror area.



The Healthcare Fund of the Republic of Palau is pleased to announced that the new website for the HCF is, now, live. Please visit for more information about the Healthcare Fund.


Social Security Administration wishes to inform all Social Security Beneficiaries that supplemental benefit of $50 a month add on to your SS benefit began in fiscal year 2016 or October 1, 2015 and continues to be supported by the National Government appropriation in FY 2017. In FY2018, the supplemental benefit was turned over to ROPSSA to be a regular benefit on top of SS defined benefit formula. Hence, the benefit for FY2018 of additional $50 a month applied earning test (ET) for those who continues to earned wages while receiving benefit. In FY2019, National Government again appropriated another $50 supplemental benefit to date. Accordingly, the National Government FY2020 proposed budget includes the continuing supplemental budget of $50 a month to all SS beneficiaries.



The Republic of Palau Social Security Administration is hereby informing all employers that effective October 1, 2015,  the maximum taxable wage will increase from $5,000 per quarter to $6,000 per quarter as required by RPPL 9-12. This Change will affect 4th Quarter 2015 report. Therefore, please adjust your tax due and pay the appropriate amount in January 2016.