NHI Coverage for Retirees & Disabled Persons

The National Government pays subsidized contributions for Palauan citizens who are 60 years of age and not working, as well as for those who are disabled and not working. From these subsidized payments, they will be able to use the National Health Insurance (NHI) for inpatient treatment and off-island referrals.

Since eligible retirees and disabled are not employed, they do not have the automatic 2.5% deductions that go into an individual MSA. If they would like to have an MSA, they or their family members may make voluntary contributions on their behalf. Or they can be a designated beneficiary for a working family member's MSA.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements for a Retiree:
  • Must be a Palauan citizen
  • Must be 60 years or older
  • Must not be engaged in any form of employment or self employment
  • Must enroll in the HCF program
Eligibility Requirements for a Disabled Person:
  • Must be a Palauan citizen
  • Must be a Social Security disability benefit recipient or a recipient of the National Government stipend provided through the Ministry of Community

When Coverage Begins

If you were not previously covered under NHI, then your NHI coverage under the National Government will begin the calendar quarter after two consecutive quarters of government-subsidized payments.

If you were previously working and are currently insured and the government subsidy is paid immediately after your employer's last contributions, then your NHI will continue with no gap in coverage.

Coverage for Individual Only

Government-subsidized National Health Insurance only covers the individual citizen. If the individual has dependents, he may elect to voluntarily purchase NHI in order to cover his spouse and dependent children. Similarly, he may also voluntarily deposit into an MSA.