Healthcare Fund Improvement Survey

We Value Your Opinion!

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is important in helping us improve the HCF's operations and services. Your answers will be completely anonymous.

I. Customer Service and Coverage How important is this? How did SSA/HCF do?
  Please select an item.
  2. Explain Benefits
  3. Prompt service
  4. Courteous service
  5. Timely service
  6. Reliable service
  7. Listen to complaints
  8. Resolve complaints
  9. Explain services that are not covered
  10. Affordable co-payment
  11. What inpatient services are covered
  12. What services are approved for off-island referral
  13. Amount of co-payment ceiling for inpatient coverage
  14. Amount of co-payment ceiling for referral coverage
  15. Response to community changes
  16. Response to economic changes
  17. Had current information
  18. Had accurate information
  19. Use of sliding fee scale
  20. Enrollment process
  21. Starting date for coverage
  22. Ending coverage for nonpayment
  23. Coverage of airfare for patient
  24. Coverage of airfare for family escort
  25. Coverage of airfare for medical attendant
  26. Coordination with private insurance
  27. Usage of MSA to pay for private insurance premiums
  28. Usage of MSA at private clinics
  29. When MSA funds become available to beneficiaries
  30. Beneficiaries' access to MSA
  31. Priority for using MSA by beneficiaries
II. Coverage for Additional Services Under National Health Insurance How important is it to cover this service? How much more contribution
will you pay to include it?
  1. Hemodialysis
  2. Inpatient psychiatric care
  3. Treatment for drug, alcohol, or other addictions
  4. Cosmetic Surgery
  5. Fertility, conception, or contraceptive care
  6. Dental care
  7. Long-term residential care
  8. Organ transplants
  9. Cancer treatment where prognosis is poor
  10. Off-island referrals for any diagnostic purpose
  11. Have lower co-payments
  12. Have higher ceiling of $50,000 for off-island coverage
  13. Have higher ceiling of $100,000 for off-island coverage
III. Future Improvements    
  1. Individuals should be allowed to allot funds form their Social Security benefits to go in their medical savings account.
Please make a selection.
  2. Individuals should be allowed to transfer funds to someone else's medical savings account.
Please make a selection.
  3. HCF should set priorities for which medical savings account a beneficiary should use first.
Please make a selection.
  4. I would participate in preventive care programs if it reduced the subscription cost of the insurance.
Please make a selection.
IV. Comments/Suggestions    

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